Accelerate growth

Do you have a good product and already established customer base, but experience slower than expected growth? You may need help in accelerating your company. We do not offer you expensive office facilities, but focus 100% of our efforts on speeding up your business. Our method is based on battle-proven tools and processes for improving your sales, finances and management. You can get complete control of your operations and will be able to foresee potential challenges months in advance.

Many high growth venture capital backed technology companies are already successfully using these tools — contact us now to discuss how we can speed up your business.

We can help you to

  • Develop your business model and strategy
  • Validate current product/market fit and increase product traction
  • Audit and develop sales tools, materials and processes
  • Develop marketing and communications
  • Use cashflow tracking and forecasting
  • Form an IPR/patent strategy
  • Establish local presence or find partners in Finland
  • Acquire funding and investments or renegotiate current funding
  • Prepare for investment negotiations and Due Diligence
  • Create or upgrade management processes
  • Develop the work of your board of directors
  • Build sales and distribution channels

Our involvement with our customers range from consulting projects to full partnership. You may also be eligible for public funding that can cover 50-100% of the costs. Contact us for further details.

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