Adaptum Ltd

Adaptum Ltd is an executive consulting company that helps to turn good ideas into great companies. We work together with entrepreneurs and CEO’s to develop their companies: they will provide the technology and know-how, we will bring in business experience, processes and battle-proven tools for achieving the goals.

Our business development customers range from private individuals to growth companies. We also offer strategic advisory and business analytics services for major public institutions. Our involvement with our customers range from consulting projects to full partnership.

Tools for thinking ahead

Our company is named after the key success factor in business Рthe ability to adapt to change. Change is part of business; adapt or die may be a cliché but it is reality. No one has a crystal ball for seeing the future, but preparation for change begins by thinking ahead about what is coming next. The fewer surprises,  the faster you will be able to adapt to changes.

Our experience derives from the work we have done with hundreds of companies — we can help you to avoid the typical pitfalls for new companies and with our tools you can make accurate financial predictions for at least 3-6 months into the future for your company. This helps you to make informed decisions and prepares you to react in good time to the new challenges — research shows that this will effectively double your chances for success. Learn fast, be agile and adapt – these are the business fundamentals that we believe in.

Depending on your needs, we can be:

  • external consultant that provides you with the tools and metrics necessary for getting the job done
  • angel investor or co-entrepreneur that works with you and shares the risk as well
  • experienced personal trainer or a business coach for your company, either as a member of your board of directors, or on 1-to-1 mentoring basis
  • staffing provider that offers an CEO, CFO or VP Sales for your start-up company